Friday, 31 August 2007

Thomson Fly flight in emergency landing

A Thomson Fly aircraft had to be diverted to East Midlands Airport after a problem with the wheels occurred.

The plane took off from Doncaster Robin Hood Airport and was heading for Corfu. Nobody was injured and the aircraft landed safely. Emergency services were on standby at the airport as a safety precaution.

A spokeswoman stated that 227 passengers were onboard the Boeing 757-200 and the pilot requested emergency assistance shortly after take-off.

When the aircraft had been taxiing on the runway it had developed a fuel leak, fire crews foamed the runway as standard procedure in preparation for the jet to land.

In order to burn off some fuel the aircraft circled the runway first and passengers then got off safely.

Passengers were either transferred onto another flight or taken by coach to another airport. All other flights from East Midlands ran as normal.

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