Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Drunk and disorderly onboard Southwest Airlines flight

Passenger Andy Lee Osuna has been accused of shouting profanities, making crude comments and pushing a member of cabin crew onboard a Chicago to Las Vegas flight.

Southwest Airlines flight 2275 had to be diverted to Denver after the passenger became violent and was arrested immediately upon arrival.

Investigators were told that Osuna had drunk 2 malt liquors before the flight and then another 5 cocktails whilst onboard. He had also said that he didn’t remember even being handcuffed upon arrest.

It’s not known where Osuna is from and he made his first court appearance on Tuesday where he was held without bail.

A passenger onboard the plane said that she and her family were sitting behind the accused when he turned round and made an inappropriate comment. He then allegedly grabbed the lady’s husband’s shirt.

When a flight attendant tries to intervene in the situation, Osuna pushed them away. At one point the man’s trousers had to be pulled up as his buttocks were on display.

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