Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Chaos at Heathrow Airport!

Passengers were faced with arrival hell yesterday when they had to wait 9 hours just to reclaim their baggage at Heathrow.

As a result of security reasons baggage handlers struggled with the increase of items put in the hold. This means that travellers are more often than not to expect hefty delays.

This is the second week of disruption for the airport leaving BA and BAA heavily criticised.

In the last month alone BA have lost 22,000 pieces of luggage and the rule of only one piece of hand luggage has only worsened the situation.

Last night BA admitted that the crisis had led to them making special flights with only luggage onboard in an effort to reunite passengers with their possessions.

Baggage handler numbers have also been reduced due to some being relocated in the new terminal 5 building for training purposes. This was later denied by the airline.

People who arrived from Lagos, Nigeria yesterday have said they had to wait from 6am-3pm just to get their baggage.

"I flew in at 6am this morning with my friend. I picked up my luggage at 8am but my friend is still waiting for his and it's now 3pm." Said Adam Kolleve.

A spokesman for BA said: "The average time for the year so far is 30 minutes from the time the plane parks to the first bags coming round on the carousel. Obviously there are times - like when Terminal Four was closed last month - when those delays are more because the airport infrastructure is always at maximum capacity."
Perhaps not the best time to travel with BA!!

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