Tuesday, 18 March 2008

A380 soon to fly into London Heathrow

Heathrow airport have commenced developments to accommodate the A380. Terminal 3 will see a pier be demolished to allow space for the plane's wingspan.

The new development will be 280m long and 3 storeys high. Passengers will be able to disembark from both levels of the aircraft.

Managing Director of BAA said that preparations are going well: "The A380 will be an important aircraft for Heathrow... but we are also ensuring that our new facilities can accommodate all types of aircraft and meet the needs of all our airlines," he said.

A new pier will see 4 new aircraft stands designed to serve new models of aircraft such as the Airbus A320.

Airlines planning to operate the A380 to Heathrow include Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Virgin Atlantic and Qantas.

Friday, 14 March 2008

Man arrested trying to run onto runway at Heathrow Airport

A man armed with a rucksack managed to get past security and onto the runway into the path of an oncoming aircraft at London Heathrow. An enquiry is now being conducted.

The man's actions disrupted flights for the day yesterday, he was arrested just before reaching the tarmac but the north runway was shut whilst armed officers held their guns towards him.

This incident came just 1 day before the Queen was expected to open the new terminal five. It's believed the rucksack contained clothes.

Police have said they don't know the man's motive but are confident it's not terror related. Workers at Heathrow believe it's a sign of protest over the new terminal and he wanted to cause havoc.

Gordon Brown has said that he's satisfied everything possible is being done to ensure security at the opening.

He later said: “I think the important thing about the Heathrow incident is that the person was detained, that all the security precautions went quickly into action, that he’s now being interviewed and that all possible steps were taken so that when this incident happened the arrest took place.”

A BAA spokesman said: “Clearly this incident is a matter of some concern and will be fully investigated in conjunction with the police.”

Twenty flights were cancelled by various airlines and outgoing flights diverted to the south runway.

This incident is the second in a number of weeks where security has been breached.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Leaving a rainy Heathrow, destination Kuala Lumpur!

Leaving a rainy Heathrow, destination Kuala Lumpur!