Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Protesters set up camp at Heathrow

Protestors set up camp on Monday near Heathrow Airport to in a bid to protest against the proposed new runway and the damage caused to the environment by air travel, they even put up a wind turbine and a solar powered movie theatre.

The protest is to last for at least a week with the campaigners setting up tents near to where the new runway is to be built.

Terminal 5 is expected to open in 2008 and the government has proposed the new runway to open in 2020.

More protestors are expected to join the protest during the week, which is to stand up against environmental damage caused by aircraft not to disrupt people’s travel plans.

Gary Dwyer said he expects the protest to a peaceful:

"There will be the day of direct action, but we've said there will be no attempt to storm runways or anything like that. Public safety is paramount," he said.

"People do have a right to protest in this country, but the government believes that action that would disrupt the running of Heathrow would be unacceptable," a Downing Street spokeswoman said on condition of anonymity in line with government policy.

BAA Heathrow’s managing director Mark Bullock said they would take all appropriate steps to make sure travellers and staff are protected during all this.

"With the current terrorism threat, keeping Heathrow safe and secure is a very serious business," Bullock said. "Any action taken by the protesters that distracts us or the police from this task is irresponsible and unlawful."

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