Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Singapore Airlines ban sex onboard A380!!

Singapore Airlines have put a ban on couples having sex on the A380!

Those hoping to make use of the first 'inflight' double bed will be disappointed.

"There are things that are acceptable on an aircraft and things that aren’t, and the rules for behaviour in our double beds are the same ones that apply throughout the aircraft,” said Singapore Airlines spokesman Stephen Forshaw.

"If couples used our double beds to engage in inappropriate activity, we would politely ask them to desist.”

However there may be some hope. The double suites do have closing doors so crew aren't going to know any different!!

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

China's airport to have new third runway

In an effort to cope with next year's increase in passenger numbers for the Olympics, Beijing airport have opened a third runway.

This is part of a major revamp to include a bigger new terminal opening next February.

"The airport handles 1100 arrival and departure flights every day. That will probably rise to 1500 ... to 1600 and peak at 1900 during the Olympics next year, so the third runway is much needed," a spokesperson for Xinhua news agency said.

The Airbus A380 will easily be accommodated on the runway and the new terminal will be one of the world's largest terminals.

China are expecting at least 500,000 tourists next year and the existing airport terminal handled 48 million passengers last year way above its capacity of 35 million.

The new terminal will be expected to handle 60 million passengers a year.

Friday, 26 October 2007

Philippine Airliner overshoots runway

Another incident where an aircraft overshot the runway occurred in Butuan City.

The Philippines Airline Airbus 320 was landing whilst on a flight from Manila to Butuan City when the aircraft overshot injuring several passengers and crew.

Both the pilot and co-pilot have hurt their necks but no serious injuries have been reported.

The aircraft was loaded with 148 passengers and crew. The airport has been closed until Saturday pending inspections.

Malaysia Airlines to buy more aircraft

MAS are to buy at least 10 ATR72-500 turboprop aircraft.

The aircraft are intended for MAS unit Firefly which serves rural Malaysia.

The price of the aircraft are 18.3 million US dollars.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Planes collide on runway at Heathrow

A British Airways 747 and a Sri Lankan Airlines Airbus A340 were involved in a collision whilst taxiing at Heathrow.

There were no injuries and BA confirmed there was indeed a collision and that investigations were underway.

A BAA spokesman said "Heathrow airport can confirm that two aircraft were involved in an incident earlier this evening on the ground. There are no reported injuries."

A spokeswoman for Sri Lankan Airlines said "It is reported that the wing tips of the two aircraft brushed against each other while taxiing. No injuries were reported. All passengers have been transferred to city hotels until alternate travel arrangements are made during the course of the day."

A passenger onboard the Sri Lankan has said that they hit the BA jet from behind: "We turned our wing, almost hit what looked like the tail end of the British Airways flight, and we ended up chopping off a bit of wing. It cut through it like butter," said Danish journalist Annasofie Flamand.

"It's pretty incredible to see something like that in a place like Heathrow airport. Thank God it was on the ground and not in the air."

The aircraft was then being inspected to assess the extent of the damage.

Meanwhile, passengers were given the option of a refund or to stay the night in a hotel and leave on the next available flight.

Singapore Airlines finally get their A380

The eagerly awaited Airbus A380 has finally been delivered to Singaopre Airlines 18 months behind schedule.

Thomas Enders the chief executive described the delivery of the world's largest passenger jet as "the latest milestone in a long journey".

Five hundred people gathered at Toulouse to watch the exchange of the aircraft and it will be flown to Singapore on Wednesday.

The aircraft will experience its first flight from Singapore to Sydney on 25th October.

"I realise how unsettling recent times, particularly the last 18 months, have been, but that only serves to make this achievement all the more impressive," Mr Enders told Airbus employees at the ceremony.

Airbus have said they don't predict anymore delays with the delivery of the aircraft on other orders and should exchange hands as planned in 2008.

"It is something to celebrate when you launch a new airplane and get it turned over to a client," said John Nance, a US aviation analyst.

"But this has been a very difficult delivery and the troubles will resonate for some time. I am sure she will fly well and it is a magnificent achievement but I think it is a white elephant."

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Aircraft too heavy on Virgin Blue flight to Cairns, passengers asked to disembark!

I've always been amazed at how a plane manages to get into the air with all the weight it carries, but it's come to something else when passengers are asked to get off because the plane is too heavy!!

This is what happened on a Virgin Blue flight flying from Melbourne to Cairns as crew asked for any volunteers that would be willing to disembark because the 737 wouldn't have enough fuel for the flight.

Up stepped three gallant men who offered to get off the aircraft. The flight was able to get underway once their luggage was removed.

A Virgin Blue spokeswoman said that flights had been diverted around Australia due to bad weather in Melburne. She later said that the 737 being used for the Cairns route had a lower weight capacity than the aircraft originally scheduled.

The three passengers who left the plane were compensated with travel vouchers.

Friday, 12 October 2007

Eygptian Airline catches fire whilst landing

An Eygptian owned aircraft caught fire whilst making an emergency landing at Istanbul's International airport.

Luckily the fire was put out quickly and there were no fatalities.

It's thought the plane suffered a technical problem and the landing gear wasn't functioning.

The fire was caused by the plane landing on its main body with 156 passengers onboard and seven crew. The aircraft was on its way to Warsaw.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

First delivery of A380 to Singapore Airlines set to take place next week.

The Airbus A380 was taking part in a test flight and landed in the capital of the Philippines on Thursday.

The aircraft flew from Melbourne to Manila International Airport and managed to land without any problems despite its size.

The flight was part of the many tests to show it could "fit in today's airport infrastructure," without having to adjust anything.

Airbus A380 is now the world's largest passenger jet and has the capacity to carry up to 850 people.

The first delivery to Singapore Airlines is set to take place next week.

Boeing delay order of Dreamliner to Qantas Airlines

Qantas are currently looking to seek compensation for the delivery of its Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft being delayed. The airline have said that this won't affect its operations or put a dent in its earnings.

Boeing have assured Qantas that the 15 Dreamliners which were due to be delivered between August 2008 and December 2009 would all be received by the 2009 date.

“Boeing said the August 2008 aircraft would slip, but not by six months,'' said Chief Executive Geoff Dixon, ”Once that aircraft arrives, the remaining 14 aircraft deliveries will be staggered until December 2009.''

Qantas have put in 65 definate orders for the aircraft, 20 options and 30 purchase rights.

”Once Boeing confirms a revised delivery schedule we will assess the need for any other measures such as delaying the retirement of aircraft,'' he later said

”Compensation issues will be the subject of commercial negotiations between the Qantas and Boeing companies.''

Monday, 8 October 2007

Airline pilot allows Robbie Savage into cockpit.

An experienced airline pilot has been suspended from duty for what has been described as a breach of the terroism act.

Captain Mason has flown RAF aircraft in the past and then decided to carry holiday makers to their destination. But in a bid to help a nervous passenger overcome their fear of flying the captain allowed the man into the cockpit.

Blackburn midfielder Robbie Savage is scared of flying so the captain allowed Robbie into the cockpit in a bid to overcom this fear. Unfortunately the authorities haven't taken this lightly and investigations continue.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

More scope for passengers flying with Singapore Airlines

An aviation deal has been agreed between Singapore and the UK.

This new deal will allow Singapore Airlines to pick passengers up from Britain and carry them elsewhere including the US. This will be the same for British carriers in Singapore.

The deal has been described by Singapore as "more liberal" than other agreements and will give the scope for airlines from different nations to operate the same as domestic carriers.

This isn't such a strange concept to Singapore as they already have a similar arrangement with United Arab Emirates. For Britain it's a first.

"This is indeed a trail-blazing agreement concluded between two forward-looking countries that share a common objective of promoting free competition," said Singapore's transport minister Raymond Lim.

We will start to see these changes from March 2008.