Friday, 17 August 2007

Cabin Crew in 'quality of life' talks with Northwest Airlines

Northwest Airlines have been hit where it hurts following hundreds of flight cancellations in the summer. This has prompted the company to call their flight attendants to a meeting to discuss quality-of-life improvements.

"The more expeditiously and creatively we can collaborate on improving our flight attendants' work environment and quality of life, the better our prospects will be for long-term success," Chief Executive Officer Doug Steenland said in a letter.

Michigan’s biggest carrier have not guaranteed increasing the cabin crew salary but would instead look for ‘cost neutral ways’ to improve their working lives.

Flight attendants suffered pay cuts when the airline went bankrupt whilst at the same time the company secured court rulings that prevented staff from striking.

President of the Northwest branch of the Association of Flight Attendants Kevin Griffin has taken a ‘wait and see’ attitude.

"He's extending an olive branch," Griffin said. "We want to see whether it will hold any olives."

When the talks will take place is not yet known.

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