Monday, 25 February 2008

Malaysia Airlines MH004 - We need the toilet!!

Well I've never experienced a flight like it. An hour after take off from KLIA the captain suddenly spoke through the speaker into the cabin.

"Ladies & gentleman we have a problem in the cabin which I need your full attention about."

My first response "Oh my god the plane's gonna go down!!." The captain then went on to say that 7 of the 14 toilets onboard the aircraft weren't working, or rather the flush had packed up! So we had 2 options, to either divert back to KLIA which will take an hour, or proceed onto London with the use of only 7 toilets.

Everybody in the cabin then had to vote, proceed or turn back. The result - an overwhelming 'carry on to London'. And so the flight continued as normal.

After many hours of watching films and playing Solitaire we were flying over Europe. Again another announcement from the captain,

"Ladies and gentleman, the toilet situation has just worsened, all toilets are now not functioning. Again 2 options, carry on to London which will take 1.5hrs or divert to Frankfurt taking 30mins. Please vote now."

Again another overwhemling decision to carry on the extra mile straight to London!!

After another very long hour and a half and many crossed legs, the flight finally landed at Heathrow and many anxious passengers disembarked from the aircraft!!.

There's a first time for everything!!

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Budget Airline, Budget Costs

Budget airline Ryanair have been ordered to pay French president Nicolas Sarkozy costs of €1 for using an unauthorised photograph of Sarkozy and his new wife Carla Bruni.

The couple had borrowed a billionaire industrialist's private jet to fly to Egypt for a Christmas break where they exchanged gifts costing €84,000 (£62,000).

Ryanair obtained their photograph and used it to advertise cheap flights in a Paris newspaper, the President failed to see the funny side and took the airline to court.

The Sarkozys, who were married last weekend won their case against the Irish company with Sarkozy being awarded a requested €1 in symbolic damages, his wife received €60,000.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Boeing 747 - Majestic!

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 747 steep turn landing at Hong Kong

Friday, 1 February 2008

It's a Date for the Airbus A380

On March 18th the world’s largest passenger aircraft will fly into and out of Heathrow for the first time.

The plane is of course the Airbus A380, which will be winging it’s way into London for it’s first commercial flight from Singapore.

Singapore Airlines will take delivery of their third A380 in March which will enable the airline to begin services to Heathrow.

The first A380 commercial flight to London, will leave Singapore’s Changi Airport on Tuesday, March 18th at 9am and arrive at Heathrow at 3.05pm the same day.

The aircraft will then return to Singapore leaving Heathrow at 6.55pm and arriving back into Singapore on Wednesday.