Thursday, 31 January 2008

The Airbus A380...

... the more I see, the more I like!

Singapore Airlines announce A380 flights to Heathrow

Singapore Airlines have announced plans to start flights from Singapore to Heathrow using the A380 commencing March 18th.

The world's largest aircraft is already in service flying to Sydney. The new direct flight to the UK will be the start of a daily return service.

The airline have commented:

"The A380 will provide a capacity expansion on the popular Singapore-London route, for the first time, an aircraft larger than the Boeing 747-400 will fly this route, thereby meaning more seats without the need for more frequencies to what is already one of the world's busiest airports."

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Gang attack men at Birmingham Aiport Arrivals Terminal

A group of bikers thought to be a Hell Angels group tore through the arrivals lounge at Birmingham Airport chasing 3 men who were walking through the lounge after arriving on a flight from Alicante.

The gang was armed with iron bars and machetes and attacked the 3 men infront of terrified passengers.

An airport worker said:

'There was a large group of men congregating around the arrivals lounge, mostly big, stocky guys and they seemed agitated and looked as though they were waiting for someone. Then, all of a sudden, a few pointed out three large, shaven-headed men who had just got off the Alicante flight and they just exploded. Out came bars, machetes and chains and they really laid into these three men, it was horrific. I've seen a lot of fights before but this was different. It was brutal, it was nasty and it was organised. People were screaming, young kids crying their eyes out and they ran for cover, but there was blood everywhere. The fight carried on for a couple of minutes; the police were nowhere to be seen, which is unusual because usually there is quite a strong presence.'

Another added:

'I'm just staggered that violence as extreme as this can happen at an airport.'

The gang consisting of 10 men and 1 woman jumped into vehicles waiting outside Terminal One but they were later apprehended.

One of the men attacked is in a critical condition. Two others were hurt but not critically.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Update on flight BA38 crash landing at Heathrow Airport

Reports have said that the reason for the BA flight crash landing short of the runway at Heathrow was due to the failure of both engines.

The AAIB's report said: "the Auto throttle demanded an increase in thrust from the two engines but the engines did not respond."

Neither engines responded when crew tried for more thrust with the throttle levers.

Captain Peter Burkill has praised all staff onboard the jet for playing key parts in averting certain tragedy.

"Flying is about teamwork and we had an outstanding team on board. As captain of the aircraft I am glad to say that every member of my team played their part expertly," Burkill said.

"No one more so than my senior first officer, John Coward, the handling pilot on the final approach. He did the most remarkable job."

Thursday, 17 January 2008

British Airways Flight falls short of runway at Heathrow

British Airways flight BA38 fell short of the runway whilst making an emergency landing.

The jet was packed with 136 passengers all of whom escaped without serious injuries. The undercarriage of the aircraft comlpetely fell apart and two wheel units were ripped off.

The black box is now being investigated by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch. The Boeing 777 had its landing gear lowered as it prepared to land but witnesses have said they saw it 'drop' out of the sky.

BA have reported that the flight coming in from Beijing came down as it was approaching the south runway at Heathrow.

Passenger Paul Venter said: "We came in to land, I could hear the undercarriage come out and the next moment the plane just dropped."

The captain has apparently told an airport worker that all power was lost as he came in to land.

The plane was heavily banking to the side at a very low level with one witness saying it was "so low you would think you could lean out of the window and touch it".

Meanwhile on the runway waiting to depart to Beijing was Gordon Brown's plane who along with many other flights was delayed. Two hundred flights had to be cancelled and diverted to other airports.

With wreckage still spread all over the south runway it's a miracle that nobody was killed.

Scotland Yard have said: "There is nothing to suggest at this stage that the incident is in any way terror-related."

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Ryanair Go Brum Brum - Cheap Cheap!

Ryanair have announced that they will fly 20 routes from my local airport in Birmingham from April 2008.

They will start by using two Boeing 737-800’s to fly to five destinations in Italy and France, three in Poland, two in Spain, and one each in Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Slovakia.

They then plan to introduce a further eight Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

Chief executive Michael O'Leary said: "The people of Birmingham have been woefully underserved and overcharged by British Airways and Flybe's high fares for years.

"Ryanair's new base will smash this high fare stranglehold by delivering savings of £130m next year for Birmingham's passengers.

"This route count will more than double as a result of Ryanair's $700m investment in Birmingham, bringing with it a significant increase in European visitors and jobs for the West Midlands”.

Good news for Midlander's looking to make a saving on European trips.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Singapore Airlines take delivery of second A380

Singapore Airlines has added another A380 to its collection. The Superjumbo was handed over in Toulouse on Friday 11th January. This is the second that the airline now possess.

This one is also the same as the first with the capacity of seating 471 configurated in a three class layout.

This Superjumbo will allow for more cabin training and will allow rotation on the Sydney route with the first.

The airline will be given a third Airbus in February and will be operating between Singapore and London Heathrow.

Singapore are the only airline operating the A380 at present and has another 17 on order.

A380 grounded after rolling off runway

The newly flying Singapore Airlines A380 has been grounded after a tow truck towing it came away and the aircraft rolled onto grass next to the runway.

The jet was bound for Sydney and passengers had to be asked to leave the plane so that it could be inspected for damage.

The passengers boarded a 747-400 to depart for Sydney.

A spokesman said that the tow truck being used developed some sort of failure which resulted in it becoming detatched from the aircraft.

'As a consequence of the failure on the truck, the aircraft ... came into contact with the grass verge off the airport tarmac. The aircraft was not under its own power at the time. It is too early at this time to know the cause of the incident but Singapore Airlines will investigate this quickly, and is filing reports with the appropriate Singapore authorities,' the spokesman said.