Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Are airports cashing in on passengers' misery?

It seems airports may be cashing in on the chaos bought about by new security measures.

Passengers are being hit with a number of charges before they get to departures. Such charges are for clear plastic bags that contain liquids, gels, and clear solutions etc. to be taken onboard following new security restrictions introduced last year.

Vending machines selling 4 bags for a pound have been installed at Newcastle, Luton and Belfast airports.

Other airports are charging for a ‘fast track’ alternative enabling passengers to get through security quicker, John Lennon airport are charging £2 for this service. Some are even charging travellers just to use terminals.

Norwich charges customers £3 to use the terminal. This all comes as BAA is already being put under the microscope for under-investing in the airport.

Although passenger charges increased by 7.5% the amount spent on the airport dropped from £298 million to £252 million.

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