Friday, 3 August 2007

Glasgow Airport bomber dies from injuries.

On June 30th this year a Jeep loaded with explosives was deliberately crashed into the departures lounge at Glasgow Airport.

Today the man responsible, Kafeel Ahmed died from serious burn injuries. He had been in hospital for a month whereas his partner in crime Bilal Abdullah has been charged with conspiring to set off explosive materials.

"We can confirm that the man seriously injured during the course of the incident at Glasgow Airport on Saturday June 30 has died in Glasgow Royal Infirmary," said a spokesman for Strathclyde Police.

Ahmed originally from Bangalore had been burnt on 90% of his body; he never came round from his coma and was kept under armed guard.

His brother Sabeel Ahmed has also been arrested in Liverpool charged with withholding information that could have prevented an act of terrorism. Another doctor Jamil Asha is the third man also being charged with the failed plot.

As with all the suspects in this case, Kafeel was working as a medical worker yet Indian officials have contradicted this saying he was an engineer with a doctorate in design and technology.

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