Monday, 10 September 2007

Scandanavian jet spins across runway

A Scandanavian Airlines Q400 caught fire during an emergency landing in Denmark when the right landing gear broke down.

Five people were injured. The control tower were informed of the problem by the pilot before he dumped some fuel.

This type of incident relating to landing gear is a first for the airline and maker Bombardier.

Images broadcast by television reports showed the right landing gear collapsing after touchdown, the aircraft then leaned to the right sending the jet spinning from the wing hitting the ground.

A Propeller broke off the plane and sliced through the cabin miraculously missing passengers.

The fire in the right engine was put out quickly by firefighters and then passengers and crew evacuated.

Investigations are underway as to the cause of the accident.

The Q400 is one of 33 in a fleet owned by SAS. None of the other jets have been taken out of service since this incident.

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