Saturday, 22 September 2007

Gun smuggled onto Ryanair flight from Spain

A 39 year old man was arrested at Blackpool airport yesterday after smuggling a gun onboard a Ryanair flight. He has since been released on bail.

The firearm and ammunition was contained in the man's luggage.

Police recieved a tip-off about the incident and went to the airport ready to meet the flight from Gerona Spain.

Police have said that the man isn't thought to be a terroist and that he wasn't smuggling the gun for anyone else.

“The man has been questioned by officers and released on police bail pending further enquiries,” a police spokesman said.

“At this stage officers are not treating the incident as terrorist related, nor do we believe the gun was intended to be passed on to anyone else.”

Begs the old question again whether safety is being compromised for money, how was the gun not picked up before boarding the flight! Are security checks lapsing again?

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