Saturday, 29 September 2007

Budget airline announes all its aircraft are safe

Despite five accidents involving Q400 aircraft this year, budget airline Flybe has reassured passengers that their aircraft are prefectly safe.

Flybe currently operates Q400's from Dublin, Galway & Belfast to various destinations in the UK and Channel Islands.

The move comes following mishaps on 2 different Scandanavian Q400's whilst landing. A Lufthansa Q400 also had problems when its landing gear experienced problems.

Bombardier then called for all Q400's that have built up over 10,000 take off and landings should be grounded and inspected.

Flybe currently has 33 Q400's but told a radio investigative unit that all said aircraft have recently completed inspections successfully.

Niall Duffy Flybe spokesman said it wasn't necessary to remove them from the fleet as they had all been inspected using all checks requested by Bombardier.

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