Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Plane crash survivor hailed a hero

British teacher Peter James Hill who survived the plane crash in Thailand has been praised for his help in pulling passengers from the wreckage.

Thai Foreign Minister Nitya Pibulsonggram visited Mr Hill in hospital and gave him grapes, flowers and £75 in Thai currency.

Mr Nitya said: "He is a hero by the way. I believed he pulled two people out at (his own) risk. He is now doing pretty well, sitting up and smiling."

Mr Hill added: "I am sure that there were acts of heroism on this flight, but not from me. I don't want to be hailed a hero. My only thought was to get off that plane."

He later said that as soon as he stepped onto the aircraft he had a bad feeling: "I saw the runway, then grass. We hit with a thud and then we hit a second time, which was the crash."

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