Sunday, 13 January 2008

A380 grounded after rolling off runway

The newly flying Singapore Airlines A380 has been grounded after a tow truck towing it came away and the aircraft rolled onto grass next to the runway.

The jet was bound for Sydney and passengers had to be asked to leave the plane so that it could be inspected for damage.

The passengers boarded a 747-400 to depart for Sydney.

A spokesman said that the tow truck being used developed some sort of failure which resulted in it becoming detatched from the aircraft.

'As a consequence of the failure on the truck, the aircraft ... came into contact with the grass verge off the airport tarmac. The aircraft was not under its own power at the time. It is too early at this time to know the cause of the incident but Singapore Airlines will investigate this quickly, and is filing reports with the appropriate Singapore authorities,' the spokesman said.

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