Thursday, 17 January 2008

British Airways Flight falls short of runway at Heathrow

British Airways flight BA38 fell short of the runway whilst making an emergency landing.

The jet was packed with 136 passengers all of whom escaped without serious injuries. The undercarriage of the aircraft comlpetely fell apart and two wheel units were ripped off.

The black box is now being investigated by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch. The Boeing 777 had its landing gear lowered as it prepared to land but witnesses have said they saw it 'drop' out of the sky.

BA have reported that the flight coming in from Beijing came down as it was approaching the south runway at Heathrow.

Passenger Paul Venter said: "We came in to land, I could hear the undercarriage come out and the next moment the plane just dropped."

The captain has apparently told an airport worker that all power was lost as he came in to land.

The plane was heavily banking to the side at a very low level with one witness saying it was "so low you would think you could lean out of the window and touch it".

Meanwhile on the runway waiting to depart to Beijing was Gordon Brown's plane who along with many other flights was delayed. Two hundred flights had to be cancelled and diverted to other airports.

With wreckage still spread all over the south runway it's a miracle that nobody was killed.

Scotland Yard have said: "There is nothing to suggest at this stage that the incident is in any way terror-related."

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