Thursday, 13 December 2007

Should airlines give passengers the legal right to 2 more inches legroom?

Currently the statutory width is 26 inches but now that people are getting fatter and taller should the width be increased to 28 inches?

It's been put forward that the current width prevents tall passengers from adopting the brace position if an emergency occurs.

The committee also added that "An extra tax for those who may have a medical need for extra leg room is unfair."

Airlines have also put forward their defence comments. EasyJet have said that some of their carriers would fall below the recommended statutory minimum that the committee suggested:

"It would not affect that many of our seats and we would clearly implement any new laws asked of us."

British Airways said:

"We already meet and exceed many of the recommendations put forward by the report and are actively working to improve the industries knowledge across key topics of aviation and health. The health and well being of our passengers remains of paramount importance. For over ten years British Airways has provided information to passengers about well-being in the air through an on-board video, information in our in-flight magazine and on ticket wallets."

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