Saturday, 28 July 2007

Two BA aircraft in collision at Heathrow Airport.

Passengers escaped unscathed last night at Heathrow airport when two BA aircraft collided.

A Boeing 777 was taxiing down the runway preparing to take off and clipped the wing of a BA Airbus A321, which at the same time was pulling up to the terminal.

Nobody was hurt and fire-fighters arrived at the scene as a safety precaution.

The Boeing had 213 passengers on board and was on its way to Washington, 102 people were on board the airbus that had just arrived from Zurich.

The Boeing was grounded in order to carry out an examination to check no further damage was obtained. Passengers were transferred onto other flights.

A spokesman for BA commented:

“There was minor damage. An investigation will be launched to determine if anyone was to blame.”

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