Monday, 23 July 2007

Cabin Crew applicants sent packing at AirAsia!

Hundreds of applicants that applied to work for AirAsia as cabin crew have been turned down due to their lack of English speaking skills.

A recruitment day was held in Kuching over the weekend and of the 426 hopefuls, around 95 percent failed as they lacked any serious command of the language.

AirAsia executive vice president Bo Lingham said:

"The ability to communicate well in English and Bahasa Malaysia is a criterion, and English is a must"

The 16 applicants that did reach the final interview stage still may not make it to being a member of cabin crew.

The airline is set to add 37-37 new planes at the end of the year and is looking to recruit at least 300 cabin crew.

Lingham further added recruits might have to be sourced from Thailand and Indonesia, which could be to their advantage as cabin crew are required to speak foreign languages.

"For example, we are looking for Mandarin-speaking crew for our China routes."

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Anonymous said...

oh, come on now...this is an airline mede in malaysia. Pse give us malaysian a chance to serve and job opportunity..why the forigners..just becuase they have another language advantage...dont let the RM flow out of our country..reconsider pse.