Saturday, 17 March 2007

Indonesian Plane crash investigation still in progress

The cause of the Indonesian plane crash is still underway with investigators concluding that the aircraft came in too fast onto the runway hence over-running it and bursting into flames.

New evidence from the flight recorders has brought to light that the wing flaps weren’t extended for the landing thus causing the increase of speed. This backs up the claims by the pilots that the flaps were not working as they should and prevented them from extending them properly for the landing.

Mardjomo Siswosumarno who is heading the investigation team says the flaps "were not yet in the landing configuration". Yet later he stated that it’s still too early to draw conclusions.

"We need the history of the flight, what happened in the last three minutes before landing so we will have to take some time."

United States experts are still extracting the pilots’ voices off the cockpit voice recording which will be able to provide clarification of the actions of the pilots.

At the time of the crash the weather was calm which contradicts the pilots’ claim that a huge gust of wind made the jet crash into the runway.

Pilot error still hasn’t been ruled out.

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