Sunday, 25 March 2007

All aircraft unsafe!

Indonesian Planes have been undergoing assessments which have found that none of the aircraft meet the required safety standards.

Australians have been warned not to fly on Indonesian planes by the Federal Government.

The assessment found that none of the carriers met "requirements of the civil aviation safety regulations". Garuda, Indonesia AirAsia and Mandala Airlines all fall into category two meaning that the minimal requirements regarding safety have been met yet not all have been implemented.

For those airlines falling into category three which meet only minimal safety standards (these include Batavia Air, Adam Air and Kartika Airlines), they have been given only three months to improve standards or face being taken out of flying.

This has come as a result of a Garuda plane catching fire which killed 21 people earlier on in March.

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Anonymous said...

An airline user says:
I find these messages a bit disturbing in that it cannot be completely true that these airline are so unsafe as there are and have been many, many movements ever since without any accident caused by unsafety. The accidents before does not all have a cause in unsafety as well. The message is therefor too generalizing and degenerates Indonesian aircraft as flying wheels of fortune, far from reality. I have no problem in using these airliners at all. Elsewhere also accidents happen. When your due, your due. Insha Allah. But it does not do any harm emphasizing safety measures that have to be take to fly more safely, but never can it be guaranteed. It's only a technic used and technics fail all over the world, even in spacecraft. Please be more carefull of your written comments for the world to see.

Kind regards.