Tuesday, 27 March 2007

British Airways to be first to use new Terminal 5

For those who travel past Heathrow Airport every day you will have noticed that a lot of building work has been carried out. Well the new Terminal 5 has been predicted to be ready one year from today.

A lot of tests are due to be carried out involving 16,000 volunteers. These will range from testing car-parking facilities to flight journeys.

Work began over four years ago and will see the influx of an extra 30 million passengers each year. The first flight to use this terminal will be a British Airways flight from Hong Kong.

Terminal 5 will on its first day see at least 40,000 people use it from the Far East.

For those who are wondering about what retail opportunities will exist well you may be pleased to know that Harrods will be one store, and Gordon Ramsey will be opening his first airport based restaurant there.

The Chief Executive Tony Douglas said "When T5 opens and 30 million passengers move out of existing terminals, for the first time we will have space to breathe in the central terminal area and have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to redevelop the rest of the airport and bring it up to a comparable standard to T5”.

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