Monday, 7 May 2007

No survivors on Kenya Airways Jet crash.

The wreckage of Flight KQ507 has been reached by emergency workers in swamps. It is now confirmed that there are no survivors of the Kenya Airways jet, of those were 5 Britons.

It’s said that the plane was all buried under the swamp, which made the wreckage hard to find.

The plane had taken off from Douala on its way to Nairobi when a distress signal was sent from the plane before disappearing off the radar. The aircraft was located 12 miles from the town’s outskirts in a forest.

A local resident assisting officials in searching for the crash site reported he had seen one body and a body part.

The cause of the plane going down has not yet been established. Patrick Smith a US based airline pilot and aviation expert said: "Whatever happened must have happened very fast, which is usually a sign of catastrophic structural failure".

The aircraft was only 6 months old and had no history of problems. Investigations are continuing to establish the cause of the crash.

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