Saturday, 5 May 2007

Kenya Airways Jet goes down en-route to Nairobi.

A Kenya Airways passenger jet has crashed whilst carrying 115 people in Cameroon. Among these are at least 5 Britons.

Contact with the jet was lost shortly after take off when air traffic control picked up a distress signal. No contact thereafter could be made.

The plane had stopped off at Douala, which is Cameroon’s largest city. It was here that more passengers boarded the flight to be taken to Nairobi.

The jet was a 737-800 having long-range capability and can carry 189 passengers. There are said to be 8 crew members and a flight engineer also on board.

Titus Naikuni the boss of Kenya Airways said: "The last message was received in Douala after takeoff and thereafter the tower was unable to contact the plane.”

A crisis management centre has been arranged nearby the airport and relatives of those on board will be told of any new information at a nearby hotel.

The last time a Kenya Airways jet went down was in January 2000 where 169 people were killed on a flight from the Ivory Coast to Nairobi.

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