Friday, 23 February 2007

New terminal for Hong Kong Airport

Hong Kong’s airport is to be added to with another terminal to try and ease congestion of an estimated 10 million passengers over the next five years.

Terminal 2 will see up to 15 percent of people pass through from next month. The airport manager director Howard Eng said: "This is the result of the activities in Hong Kong and the whole Pearl River Delta."

Mr Eng went on to say that the passenger volume had risen to 45 million last year from 31 million when the airport first opened in 1988.
Six airlines are expected to locate their check-in desks within the new terminal in the next three months. Oasis Hong Kong and Emirates will be two of the first airlines to use the new terminal.

Terminal 2 will boast space for 112 check-in counters, customs and immigration hall, coach area, car park and various shops and dining areas. The new terminal has cost around HK$2 billion.

Mr Eng has also said that investigations into a third runway will begin this year to cope with traffic in 12-13 years time.

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