Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Extra charge for extra baggage

Passengers travelling with British Airways could be facing charges up to £240 for carrying an extra bag. Check-in staff have been told to act discreetly regarding the charges.

A sympathetic approach could be used towards those who didn’t know of the extra charges yet this period of consideration would only last until the end of September.

A spokeswoman said: “We were always going to do it this way; to have a slow introduction to make sure passengers are aware of the changes. Even so, it is a very small number, less than 2%, of passengers that the new rules effects.”

From today any second bags being checked in will be charged £30 one way on domestic flights, £60 on European flights and up to £120 on long haul flights.

Passengers have always been able to check in a second bag with no extra charge so long as the overall weight of the luggage doesn’t exceed the specified weight restriction. BA has also cut the allowed weight of baggage from 32kg to 23kg on domestic flights.

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