Sunday, 25 May 2008

Jumbo 747 splits in two during take off

A Jumbo 747 has crashed and split in two at the end of the runway in Brussels Airport.

The aircraft was a cargo plane due to fly to Bahrain and was attempting to take off when it crashed.

The five crew members onboard the plane have all been slightly injured and are in hospital. A spokesman at the airport said:

"The plane is very seriously damaged. The aircraft cracked in two after it crashed at the end of runway 220, which lies very close to a rail line and houses. Rail services to and from the airport were suspended as a safety precaution, however the crash did not affect other flights at the airport."

Firefighters at the scene sprayed the wings of the jet with special fire retardant foam as a precaution.

It's not known at present what cargo was onboard the aircraft or what was the cause of the accident.

The pilot has told authorities that a big noise sounded as he tried to take off.

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