Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Singapore Airlines finally get their A380

The eagerly awaited Airbus A380 has finally been delivered to Singaopre Airlines 18 months behind schedule.

Thomas Enders the chief executive described the delivery of the world's largest passenger jet as "the latest milestone in a long journey".

Five hundred people gathered at Toulouse to watch the exchange of the aircraft and it will be flown to Singapore on Wednesday.

The aircraft will experience its first flight from Singapore to Sydney on 25th October.

"I realise how unsettling recent times, particularly the last 18 months, have been, but that only serves to make this achievement all the more impressive," Mr Enders told Airbus employees at the ceremony.

Airbus have said they don't predict anymore delays with the delivery of the aircraft on other orders and should exchange hands as planned in 2008.

"It is something to celebrate when you launch a new airplane and get it turned over to a client," said John Nance, a US aviation analyst.

"But this has been a very difficult delivery and the troubles will resonate for some time. I am sure she will fly well and it is a magnificent achievement but I think it is a white elephant."

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