Saturday, 27 January 2007

747 Mania!

Mas 747
My passion for aircraft began when I went on my first holiday in 1984. My very first plane experience was on a Malaysia Airlines Jumbo 747. Since then I never saw air travel in the same way again, I was well and truly hooked.

Twenty-three years on I still get excited when travelling on an airplane, that feeling you experience when you feel the pilot put on the full throttle is unbeatable. The power in the engines must be phenomenal, how does something the size of a 747 with 500 people on board manage to stay in the air let alone get into the air? All that luggage not to mention extra cargo and food etc. It's amazing.

Of course with the new Airbus A380 technology has yet again gone one step beyond but it doesn't match the aesthetic appearance of a Jumbo 747. The majestic 'hump' of the Boeing gives it an unmistakable shape and look that you can't help but gaze when it passes by. I think I'll wait until the Airbus has been flying in the skies a while before I climb the steps and enter it!.

So long as the 747 stays around I will always travel on it when the opportunity arises and it will always remain number one in my eyes.

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