Saturday, 26 July 2008

2 Metre hole blown in fuselage of Qantas Boeing 747 Jumbo.

Qantas have always maintained a 100% safety record but concerns have now been raised when a 747 on its way to Melbourne had to make an emergency landing in the Phillipines.

A loud bang was heard onboard the aircraft which blew a 2 metre hole in the fuselage and a forum for the Airline Industry said the plane had 'serious corrosion issues'.

One entry was reported saying "serious issues have been detected on VH-OJK while undergoing maintenance at Avalon [Melbourne Airport]."

VH-OJK is the specific registration code for the plane.

The entry, written by someone describing himself as an 'in-flight operations employee' continued: "This is the first aircraft to undergo cabin reconfiguration with the all new Premium Y/C cabin.

"Sources tell me the launch date has further slipped once to 5th of March operating the QF001 SYD-BKK-LHR route. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope OJK recovers from her plastic surgery!"

Qantas have confirmed the plane had undergone maintenance and Chief Executive Officer Geoff Dixon has said that preliminary checks didn't indicate corrosion near the hole.

The plane which had departed from London Heathrow and had stopped over at Hong Kong with 346 passengers was built in 1991. Whilst they were flying over the South China Sea people heard a loud bang which led to cabin decompression and oxygen masks releasing.

In order to stabilise the cabin pressure the Captain lowered the plane to 10,000ft and then went on to complete a safe emergency landing. Nobody was hurt and engineers are now conducting a full investigation into what happened.

Qantas haven't suffered a serious air accident since 1951 and have a fantastic safety record.


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